About Ginny
Wisconsin can be a frozen hellscape, where the sun exists only in the fleeting memory of summer, and the beautiful people of the West and the marvels of the modern world are just perplexities beamed through TV sets. But out of the cold and darkness, a flower grows in the dead of winter, burning through the snow like the ember of a lit cigarette. That flower is Ginny Rosewater – a vintage jewel resting among dusty, beer-stained bar stools and heaping plates of deep fried delicacies.
Her gentle touch, blonde curls, and soft features belie a fundamental truth about Ginny: the steely, hardened work ethic built from generations of blue-collar labor. Ginny Rosewater shows up, she works hard, and she crushes the daily grind in perfectly manicured fists.
To her friends, she is both inspiration and support – a warm hug in a time of need or a friendly ear at the end of a bar. Here, lost in the cold, she is a beacon for those like us: people with a passion for hot rods, victory rolls, and girls in pretty dresses; those who value our own happiness over the petty squabbles of modern life.  A founding member of the Midwest Rockabeauties, she works to build a community where women of all shapes and sizes can feel beautiful and proud while having the time of their lives doing what they love.
-D.H. Rodriguez, Author, Expert in Awesome People

You can currently find Ginny sipping Pabst at pin up contests, car shows, and music festivals all over the Midwest. She is the organizer and host of the annual Miss Iola Pinup Contest. Ginny works hard tending bar, grooming dogs, and taking care of her new baby.
​​​​​​​Ginny is available for paid shoots and will consider TF for interesting projects. She’s more than ha​​​​​​​ppy to travel if provided. Please contact her for rates and availability.